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I'm Chloe, i'm an illustrator & Craftsperson from the UK.
I love drawing & making things and I am open to commissions or custom orders. Get in touch either through the 'ask' page or email me at

Support an artist :)

Mini sale in my shop, the rings in the top 3 images are now reduced to £3.50! The Dalmatian Mouse ring has been reduced to £4.50. There’s also Hunger Games & Deathly Hallows pieces too.

And I do commissions if anyone wants a completely different item, get in touch.

I want to raise money to put towards supplies & my place for the Reetsweet fair in October, so any sale is a big help! I also draw sketches on the envelopes of orders, hopefully that may bribe you to buy ha

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    These are cute :) I just ordered a Dalmatian mouse and a sleeping fox ^_^
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    Actually just bought the sleeping fox ring, it was a must have.
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