Gallons of Ink

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I'm Chloe, i'm an illustrator & Craftsperson from the UK.
I love drawing & making things and I am open to commissions or custom orders. Get in touch either through the 'ask' page or email me at

I have been keeping up with my sketch a day in the Journal that my sister bought me for Christmas. I meant to post them every 4 days as the pages are set out like that, but i’ve been forgetting so here are the last 12 pages.
My aim was just to draw objects from life, a couple aren’t but most are so i’m already doing better than I thought.
I’m off to visit my mum in a bit so todays sketch will most likely be of her dogs. I love drawing them, they have wiry fur and one of them is all legs.
I drew some quick Valentines card ideas at 2 this morning when I couldn’t sleep, so hopefully I will get these developed today or tomorrow in time to get them listed on Etsy

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